PEPPERELL -- Eighth-grade students in Bill Pineda's science class have been studying physics including Newton's Laws of Motion.

According to Mr. Pineda, "The kids probably don't actually realize how much they are learning because it is so fun and motivating."

"Appropriate materials, tools and machines enable us to solve problems, invent and construct," he said. "Engineering design is an iterative process involving modeling and optimizing for developing technological solutions to problems within given constraints."

They worked solo or on teams to engineer and construct a unit that would include an egg. This unit would be dropped from the third-floor of Nissitissit Middle School and fall to the lowest floor.

The goal was for the egg to land intact.

Students used materials they found at home, such as egg cartons, toilet paper rolls, packing peanuts, bubble wrap and pipe insulators. Some used geometrically designed boxes with dowels and tennis balls. Most included some sort of parachute.

Students provided a materials list and design plan to their teacher, and projects were built at home with time at school to tweak the design.