PEPPERELL -- Friends of Pepperell Recreation is looking for interested residents to help research fixing the town's tennis courts.

"It's been something that people have wanted to have happen and the ones who have contacted us are embarrassed. It's a recreation place that needs to be fixed and maintained to make it possible for the schools and the public to have a place to play tennis," Friends President Sue Boswell said.

According to Boswell, the courts behind Varnum Brook Elementary School are falling into disrepair.

"The courts have been deteriorating over the years, there are cracks in the pavement, uneven surfaces. They're just in very poor condition," Boswell said.

Although it has been discussed, the Friends do not have recent estimates for how much the repairs would cost.

"We did some pricing years ago and it was pretty significant. It's not a small-scale project, it's a big project. One of the biggest pursuits of this project would be grant funding. We've done very little recent research to know exactly what it would entail," she said.

The Friends are looking for six to 10 people to serve on the committee. Members would look into fundraising and grant applications to repair the courts.

"We set a meeting for January to kick off the new year. We thought we'd try to form a committee that would work with the Friends, but be an entity to themselves that would pursue what it would take to redo the courts," Boswell said.

"We're hoping to get primarily new people, so that we can have new energy, new initiative and new ideas to really go forward with this."

The committee's first meeting will be Jan. 14, from 6:30-7:30 p.m. at Lawrence Library. All interested residents are welcome to attend.

"I think that a lot of people have considered this over the years. I believe that there is interest there. We just have to get people mobilized," Boswell said.

The Friends is also pursuing an effort to build a walking track around Town Field.

This year's annual Covered Bridge 5k, held in September, raised about $3,000 to put toward this project.

The Friends are currently working with the highway department to get estimates for the project, and are working on seeking approvals from the town.

"If it is approved by the town, we are hoping that we will be able to do this in spring. We are feeling pretty optimistic about the walking track coming after years of planning and pursuing, and are making steady progress and gaining approvals," Boswell said.

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