Occupation: Homemaker

Why do you come to the library? For the music, books and movies; to find out information about local history and legends.

What do you geek? Weird New England mysteries.

Lawrence Library geeks New England mysteries, too! One of the best places to start learning about some interesting local legends and strange secrets is by looking at "Weird New England: Your Travel Guide to New England's Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets" by Joseph A. Citro. This book, part of the "Weird U.S." series, looks at the curiosities and wonders of the northeast, and includes abandoned cemeteries, unexplained phenomena and roadside oddities in the area.

If you're interested in learning more about local oddities and legends, stop by the library's history room and take a look at the files on Pepperell's own Nissitissit Witch, or read a fictionalized account of her life in "Nissitissit Witch" by Rosemary Chaulk.

There are many other fictional mysteries set in New England as well; one popular series by Tess Gerritsen focuses on policewoman Jane Rizzoli and forensic scientist Maura Isles as they solve murders in Boston. The "Orchard Mystery" series by Sheila Connolly focus on Meg Corey, owner of an orchard in fictional Granford, Massachusetts, who has to deal with murders, dead bodies and ghosts -- as well a meddling mother. These books are available as ebook downloads as well as in paperback.

The library can help everyone explore the things they geek. For information, or if you are interested in being the Geek of the Week, stop by Lawrence Library.