PEPPERELL -- Prescott Grange members, their relatives and friends, 13 in all, dug more than 700 pounds of Kennebec potatoes on a recent Saturday morning.

They filled a pickup truck with 14 bushels is just two hours.

For some, it was a new and exciting experience.

"Wow, it's like digging for treasure!"

"This one looks just like Mickey Mouse!"

For others, it brought back (happy?) memories of past farm and garden days trying to get the potatoes out of the ground and into storage before the ground froze for the winter. Nothing better for your bones than spending hours on your knees in the cold wet dirt.

For the youngest, 6-year-old Lila, it was an introduction to the "hot potato" game. Grange secretary Dave Gage commented as the potato whizzed by, "If anybody else saw us right now!"

The potatoes, grown on Robinwood Farm in Pepperell, are being donated to the community food pantry, PACH, for distribution for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. They will be washed and packed into five-pound bags and delivered to the Peter Fitzpatrick School pantry.

Anyone interested in washing and packing the spuds for PACH is invited to contact Tony Beattie at 978-877-7545.

The mission for Prescott Grange is to support local agriculture and to encourage gardeners to produce healthy foods for commercial sales, for themselves and our community.