I have learned over the years that it's better to stay out of politics, but I have been reading so many negative thoughts about the management of the Pepperell senior center that I decided to add my thoughts.

There are always two sides, and I don't consider myself on any side. I won't even comment on the original reason for the discord at the center, as they are both fine people.

There are so many very happy people at the center that I see almost every day when I go to my exercise class or my Zumba class or my yoga class or my line-dancing class. I had no idea what a wonderful place this is to go to. I thought it was just for the elderly. No one has any idea how much goes on there. All one has to do is read the newsletter to see what a large part they have in the lives of the people who go there.

They are extremely organized and helpful, and welcoming. It is an affordable place to go to remain as active and healthy as one can be. They serve lunch almost every day. Everyone is supportive and encouraging to others.

There are many, many very grateful people, and I think the readers have been only seeing one small part of it.