Rep. Jennifer Benson, D-Lunenburg, wishes to take this opportunity to formally introduce the members of her staff to the 37th Middlesex District. Representative Benson's team is made up of herself, and her two legislative aides, Catherine and Meagan.

As her staff has changed in the last year, Benson believes it is important for her staff to get to know the members of the community and be available to discuss local issues, offer assistance on individual cases, and answer any and all questions.

Catherine Bunker, originally from Harvard, has been on staff for almost a year, and Meagan Greene, originally from Stoughton, joined the staff in August. As all of the work completed is a combined effort, Benson wants to ensure that members of the community know the staff and how to contact them.

"Every elected official has a strong team behind him or her assisting with day-to-day tasks, in making sure goals are met. Consistent communication with the district I represent is crucial, and forming a line of communication between myself, my staff and the district is essential to ensure needs are met and voices are heard. I encourage all members of the community to contact Cat or Meagan should you need assistance with an issue. We are certainly always ready and eager to help in any way we can!" said Benson.

From Rep. Benson: Meet the staff:

Cat Bunker, legislative and budget affairs director

Cat grew up in Harvard, after her family moved to the town when she was 6. She attended Harvard Elementary School and the Bromfield School and her family continues to reside in Harvard. She graduated from Simmons College where she received a bachelor of arts degree in history.

Cat is an active member in the Democratic Party; she brings experience from her involvement in Gov. Deval Patrick's successful gubernatorial campaign, and her work in former U.S Rep. Marty Meehan's district office in Lowell. Prior to joining Rep. Benson's staff, she worked in Leominster as the field organizer for Northern Worcester County for Sen. Elizabeth Warren's campaign for Senate.

Along with her political experience, Cat also worked at various nonprofit organizations and at Boston University School of Medicine at the administrative level. Due to her experience and knowledge of state and local government, Cat joined my office in December 2012, and I've designated her as my legislative and budget affairs director.

As questions and/or comments arise concerning legislative affairs, budget affairs or scheduling, please do not hesitate to contact Cat:

Cat Bunker

Legislative Aide & Legislative/Budget Director

37th Middlesex District

State House Room 236

Tel: 617-722-2430

Meagan Greene, district director

Meagan was born and raised in Stoughton. She graduated from Suffolk University where she received a bachelor of science degree in political science. Prior to joining the staff as a legislative aide, Meagan worked as a policy advisor for former U.S. Sen. John Kerry and former U.S. Sen. William Cowan.

Meagan comes to our office with significant experience working as a liaison between constituents and federal or state agencies. Due to her experience and desire to work with constituents, when she joined my staff in August 2013, I designated her as my district director. When not at the Statehouse, or in the district, Meagan spends her time reading, prepping to apply to law school and spending time with family.

Should you need any assistance in navigating an issue and feel that I can be of help, please feel free to contact Meagan:

Meagan Greene

Legislative Aide & District Director

State House Room 236

Tel: 617-722-2430

Fax: 617-722-2346