On the evening of Saturday, Nov. 23, the Ayer Shirley Regional High School auditorium was packed to capacity for the Ninth Annual Lip Sync Show put on by the Ayer Shirley Education Foundation.

This year's show raised over $4,000 to benefit educational enrichment programs in the Ayer Shirley Public Schools.

ASRHS freshmen Jacob Miska and Ryan Messcher emceed the night with an entertaining mix of fun and zaniness. The evening was sponsored by HILLCO Heating & Cooling, Inc. for the fifth year in a row.

"ASEF is so grateful for HILLCO's sponsorship of our annual lip sync show," said ASEF co-president Maureen Kilcommins. "Our schools are very fortunate to have such great partnerships within the local business community."

Over 115 students and teachers participated in 26 acts on the night in question. Children from kindergarten through high school lip-synced to songs by Taylor Swift, The O'Jays, One Direction, Michael Jackson and Weird Al Yankovic.

"There really was something for everyone tonight," ASEF board member and the show's producer Sheila Kelly said. "All kinds of music was played -- from country music to rap -- and each year, the level of preparation from the students is amazing. This year, with about 115 performers, there were many group acts. This meant that more students could be part of this great event."

There were many volunteers involved in this event to make it run smoothly -- and the ASEF is thankful to all of them.

ASEF also wants to recognize the show's two new emcees, Jake Miska and Ryan Messcher, the 26 acts, the fabulous backstage crew and the amazing, enthusiastic audience. Thanks additionally go to the Doug Becker, Zach Washington, Aaron Babcock, Don Swope, APAC, the ASRHS Broadcasting & Communication Club and David and Kerry Bremer.