• Ayer Shirley school aid rises $97G - 04/17/2014 02:09 PM EDT
    Spofford for Townsend town clerk

    04/18/2014 07:36 AM EDT
    Kathleen Spofford is a candidate for the town clerk position in Townsend. Kathy has worked in the clerk's office since 2008 as the assistant town clerk. 
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    Beacon Hill Roll Call
    04/18/2014 07:36 AM EDT - By Bob Katzen THE HOUSE AND SENATE. Beacon Hill Roll Call records local senators' votes on two roll calls and local representatives' votes on six roll calls from the week of April 7-11. Full Story

    Selectmen candidates sound off on trash pickup, school budget in debate

    AYER -- Selectmen candidates made their first televised appeal to the public on Saturday, filming an hour-long debate scheduled for broadcast on the Ayer Public Access Channel. Full Story
    Stow Road carriage house will live again on Rhode Island farm

    HARVARD -- While there are still no interested takers in the barn on Stow Road, the seemingly dilapidated old carriage house across the street will be restored and moved to a farm in Rhode Island. Full Story
    Final curtain falls on high school auditorium

    AYER -- Director Fran Betlyon opened the last production of the Ayer Shirley Regional High School musical "Footloose" with a stark announcement. Full Story
    (Brennan Linsley)
    Editorial: Looking in the pipeline on energy debate

    04/17/2014 11:08 AM EDT
    One of the pipeline project s drawbacks, arguably its major one, is shared with the controversial Keystone project -- its benefits to the area covered by the pipeline are modest compared to potential risks. 
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    Editorial: Illegal immigrants represent another pro-life issue
    04/14/2014 11:23 AM EDT - Addressing the issue of illegal immigration requires pragmatism as well as compassion for people who came to the land of opportunity primarily to pursue better lives, and their children. Full Story

    Editorial: More work to go on Obamacare
    04/11/2014 11:54 AM EDT - The ACA is Obama's signature domestic accomplishment, and his legacy rests largely on whether it works or fails. Full Story

    Editorial: Colorado considers making repeated DUI a felony, and should
    04/11/2014 11:22 AM EDT - Some people just won't stop driving drunk. Losing their license doesn't help and counseling isn't changing their ways. Full Story

    Editorial: Do not criminalize homelessness
    04/04/2014 02:42 PM EDT - We ve already done untold damage to society by trying to solve another public health problem drugs with absurd law enforcement solutions. The worst thing we could do now would be to criminalize homelessness. Full Story

    Editorial: The right to buy speech
    04/04/2014 12:45 PM EDT - That basic right is being taken away from average Americans when their modest $10 or $50 contributions are buried by the six- and seven-figure contributions from the wealthiest, who will expect a payback from the lucky recipients of their largesse. Full Story

    Editorial: Town's voters on target in sinking drone-hunting idea
    04/03/2014 03:14 PM EDT - Deer Trail had become a national laughingstock over the idea that it would sell $25 drone-hunting licenses to people who would then aim for the unmanned aircraft. Full Story