• Rosenberg sketches out fall agenda - 08/31/2015 09:59 AM EDT
    (Charles Krupa)
    5 places you might start seeing calorie counts

    04/27/2014 12:12 PM EDT
    Diners could soon see calorie counts on the menus of chain restaurants. But will they be able to get that same clear information at grocery stores, convenience stores, movie theaters or airplanes? 
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    HIIT without hurt: Get fit with high-intensity interval training
    04/14/2014 12:10 PM EDT - A HIIT session of 30 minutes or less has been shown to accelerate weight loss and boost metabolism, with one session helping your body burn calories for up to 24 hours after exercise. Full Story

    Ayer fire log

    MONDAY, AUG. 24 0221 out-of-town medical, removed to hospital, Saddle Lane; 0600 out-of-town medical, Longley Road; 0856 medical/mental, removed to hospital, Dan's Place, West Main Street; 1038 out-of-town medical, West Main Street; 152 out-of-town medical, removed to hospital, Leominster Road; 427 out-of-town medical, removed to hospital, Full Story
    (Pictures by Sherry Graham for the Harvard Historical Commission and used with the HHC's permission. )
    Shaker cemetery restoration celebrated, new gate dedicated

    HARVARD -- Assisted by donations and a small, dedicated army of hands-on volunteers, the Historical Commission has been working to restore one of the town's most unique historic treasures: the 19th Century Shaker Cemetery. Full Story
    Shirley Master Plan update underway, residents urged to take survey

    The town of Shirley is working to update its Master Plan. As part of the process, the town is seeking your opinion to help shape the current and future direction of Shirley. Full Story
    US adult smoking rate dips to 17 percent

    09/01/2015 12:08 AM EDT
    NEW YORK (AP) — A new government report says the smoking rate for U.S. adults continues to fall. 
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    California doctor faces murder trial in 3 drug deaths
    08/31/2015 08:28 PM EDT - LOS ANGELES (AP) — Even after several patients died of overdoses, a California doctor charged in their deaths kept passing out prescriptions for powerful painkillers in appointments that lasted as little as three minutes, often without physical exams and despite red flags that she could be feeding addictions, a prosecutor told jurors Monday. Full Story

    Judge sides with anti-abortion group in birth control case
    08/31/2015 06:13 PM EDT - WASHINGTON (AP) — A federal judge on Monday sided with an anti-abortion group in its challenge of a key birth control provision of the Obama administration's health care overhaul. Full Story

    Contact lens makers take fight over price law to court
    08/31/2015 01:54 PM EDT - DENVER (AP) — Contact lens makers struggled Thursday to defend their pricing policies in a federal appeals case that could have wide-ranging effects on the $4 billion industry. Full Story

    Health official: States should post local vaccination info
    08/31/2015 01:54 PM EDT - NEW YORK (AP) — How many kids are vaccinated at your child's school? Federal health officials think you should be able to easily find out. Full Story

    FDA lays out proposal for naming lower-cost biotech drugs
    08/31/2015 01:53 PM EDT - WASHINGTON (AP) — The Food and Drug Administration released its proposal Thursday for naming lower-cost biotech drugs, a critical step in creating a market for the new class of medicines. Full Story

    A racial gap in kidney transplants closes but work remains
    08/31/2015 01:53 PM EDT - CHICAGO (AP) — A racial gap in kidney transplants appears to have closed, a 13-year study found. Full Story

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    VMAs: Nicki Minaj fires back at Miley Cyrus

    After winning award for 'Anaconda,” Minaj challenges Cyrus, who responds by seemingly blaming the media for feud.