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5 places you might start seeing calorie counts

04/27/2014 12:12 PM EDT
Diners could soon see calorie counts on the menus of chain restaurants. But will they be able to get that same clear information at grocery stores, convenience stores, movie theaters or airplanes? 
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HIIT without hurt: Get fit with high-intensity interval training
04/14/2014 12:10 PM EDT - A HIIT session of 30 minutes or less has been shown to accelerate weight loss and boost metabolism, with one session helping your body burn calories for up to 24 hours after exercise. Full Story

Ayer fire log

Monday, Feb. 23 0904 medical/mental (first aid, etc.), removed to hospital, Willard Street; 1046 out of town medical, removed to hospital, Groton Dunstable Regional High School; 1243 general services, McDonald's, Sandy Pond Road 1410 medical/mental (first aid, etc. Full Story
Budget smooth sailing, with a few wrinkles

HARVARD -- At a well-attended all-boards budget meeting the Finance Committee hosted last week at Volunteers Hall, Chairman Alice VonLoesecke thanked everyone involved in the budget-building process for a smooth cycle this time around, including administrators, department heads and town boards whose members turned out on a clear but icy-cold night Full Story
"Farrar Family in Shirley" at Shirley Historical Museum March 8

SHIRLEY -- The first Farrar settled in Shirley before 1800 and ran a blacksmith shop on Great Road. His son and grandson painted carriages. Full Story
Kidney donation triggers transplant chain in San Francisco

03/06/2015 09:15 AM EST
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — When a Sacramento woman donated a kidney to a stranger, she set off a series of organ swaps that resulted in five more sick people getting new kidneys at a San Francisco hospital. 
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Report: Suicides by girls and young women continue to climb
03/05/2015 06:20 PM EST - NEW YORK (AP) — The suicide rate for girls and young women in the U.S. continues to rise, at a pace far faster than for young males, health officials said Thursday. Full Story

States on edge about the future of health insurance markets
03/05/2015 05:25 PM EST - MIAMI (AP) — Mixed signals from the Supreme Court have states on edge about the future of health insurance subsidies for millions of Americans. Full Story

FDA study finds little evidence of antibiotics in milk
03/05/2015 05:50 PM EST - WASHINGTON (AP) — In an encouraging development for consumers worried about antibiotics in their milk, a new Food and Drug Administration study showed little evidence of drug contamination after surveying almost 2,000 dairy farms. Full Story

'Superbug' infections hit another Los Angeles hospital
03/05/2015 06:10 AM EST - LOS ANGELES (AP) — A second Los Angeles hospital is reporting that patients have been infected with an antibiotic-resistant "superbug" linked to a type of widely used medical scope. Full Story

WHO to begin large-scale testing of Ebola vaccine in Guinea
03/05/2015 07:45 AM EST - LONDON (AP) — The World Health Organization will start large-scale testing of an experimental Ebola vaccine in Guinea on Saturday to see how effective it might be in preventing future outbreaks of the deadly virus. Full Story

Chain of kidney transplants begins at San Francisco hospital
03/05/2015 11:41 PM EST - SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Zully Broussard thought she was going to help one person by donating a kidney. Full Story

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Director Stephen Daldry on dogs, 'Wicked' and 'Billy Elliot'

NEW YORK (AP) — Director Stephen Daldry has two shows opening on Broadway this season and that means juggling two sets of casts — both human and doggie. Full Story
Harrison Ford plane crash injuries 'moderate'; engine failure cited

The “Star Wars” actor crash-landed a small vintage plane on a Venice Beach golf course. Reports say he was taken to a hospital with bloody gashes on his head.