A.M. 12:24, suspicious activity of a motor vehicle, Still River Road; 6:15, radar assignment, Pinnacle Road and Old Meadow Road.

P.M. 12:00, follow up investigation, Ayer Road; 3:45, suspicious activity, Westcott Road; 4:08, fraud, stolen ID, Ayer Road; 4:26, 911 hang up call, Finn Road; 4:54, medical/domestic related, Lancaster County Road; 6:23, motor vehicle violation, Massachusetts Ave.; 6:51, follow up investigation, Groton Road, Ayer; 7:11, general medical, Warren Ave.; 7:48, fire dept. call, Pond Road; 11:15, parked motor vehicle, Lancaster County Road; 11:24, general request for welfare check/ missing adult female, Blanchard Road.


A.M. 2:43, parked motor vehicle, Lancaster County Road; 6:17, radar assignment, Still River Road; 6:32, radar assignment, Massachusetts Ave.; 6:40 general traffic violation-stop, Still River Road and Willard Lane; 11:29, domestic abuse/ harassment order violation, Harvard Road.

P.M. motor vehicle all over the road, Ayer Road and Route 2; 7:30, attempted suicide, Ayer Road. 8:47, mutual aid to Bolton.


A.M. 1:24, parked motor vehicles, Pond Road; 6:34, radar assignment, Prospect Hill Road; 6:58, general traffic violation-stop, Ayer Road and Elm Street; 8:13, general request for court hearings, Boylston Street, Clinton.

P.M. 1:05, general medical, Prospect Hill Road; 4:30, report of missing money, Ayer Road.


A.M. 5:30, tree limbs in roadway, Littleton Road; 8:55, general request for court hearings, Boylston Street, Clinton; 9:52, follow up to investigation.

P.M. 2:47, suspicious activity-persons, Fairbanks Street; 10:30, mutual aid to Littleton Road, Ayer.


A.M. 12:04, mutual aid to Robinson Road and Boxborough; 4:29, suspicious activity, Candleberry Lane; 9:59, residential alarm, Orchard Hill Road; 9:13, residential alarm, Madigan Lane.

P.M. 10:16, noise complaint, Littleton Road and Old School House Road.


A.M. 12:58, parked motor vehicle, Pond Road; 1:44, parked motor vehicle, Ayer Road; 1:49, OUI- alcohol or drugs, motor-vehicle stop, Ayer Road and Route 2; 5:21, arrest, released on bail, Ayer Road; 6:10, released from custody, Ayer Road.

P.M. 12:26, residential burglar alarm, 328 Stow Road; 6:40, burglar alarm activation, Slough Road.


A.M. 7:17, general medical, East Bare Hill Road; 8:00, general request for paperwork to court, Boylston Street, Clinton; 9:00, residential burglar alarm, Park Lane; 10:00, open door at business/residence, Depot Road.

P.M. 6:18, radar assignment, Bolton Road and Barton Road; 6:20, radar assignment, Still River Road and Prospect Hill Road; 6:52, motor vehicle violation-stop, Still River Road and Prospect Hill; 8:19, suspicious motor-vehicle, South Shaker Road; 9:30, fire department call/medical, Route 2 eastbound; 10:00, parked motor-vehicles, Prospect Hill Road and Overlook; 10:17, commercial burglar alarm, Lancaster County Road.