A.M. 7:21 animal complaint, Old Ayer Road; 8:55 motor-vehicle stop, citation/warning issued, Old Ayer Road; 9:30 burglar alarm, Main Street; 11:37 civil complaint, Whiley Road; 11:44 burglar alarm, Saddle Lane.

P.M. 12:39 welfare check, Blossom lane; 1:28 burglar alarm, Farmers Row; 3:36 motor-vehicle stop, verbal warning, Main Street; 4:03 welfare check, Lowell Road; 4:18 motor-vehicle stop, Long Hill Road; 5:03 alarm (false), Juniper Point Road; 5:10 suspicious activity, Blossom Lane; 6:05 motor-vehicle complaint, Mill at Main streets; 9:06 motor-vehicle stop, citation/warning issued, Sandy Pond Road; 9:24 fire alarm, Townsend Road; 10:55 burglar alarm (accidental), Main Street; 11:13 structure fire, Townsend Road.


A.M. :46 motor-vehicle stop, verbal warning, School House Road; 3:00 medical emergency, Reedy Meadow Road; 4:37 fire structure, Townsend Road; 5:27 safety hazard, Lowell Road; 5:52 motor-vehicle stop, Martins Pond Road; 6:21 medical emergency, Whitewood Road; 7:37 animal complaint, Old Ayer Road; 8:32 citizen assist, Blossom Lane; 8:50 citizen assist, Pleasant Street; 10:51 vehicle lockout, Whiley Road; 11:49 disabled motor vehicle, Main Street.

P.M. 3:46 motor-vehicle stop, West Main Street; 4:08 domestic, Whiley Road; 4:52 serve summons, Nashua Road; 5:00 restraining order violation, Dorothy Place; 5:21 suspicious activity, Blossom lane; 6:19 burglar alarm, Main Street; 7:20 found/lost property, Raddin road; 8:01 suspicious activity, Main Street; 8:14 motor-vehicle stop, Main Street at Fairview Ave.; 9:45 fire alarm, Lowell Road; 10:15 suspicious activity, Main Street; 10:36 serve summons, Nashua Road; 11:22 burglar alarm, Chicopee Row.


A.M. 7:24 medical emergency, Main Street at Broadmeadow Road.

P.M. 12:18 vehicle lockout, Main Street; 4:41 found/lost property, Pleasant Street; 4:53 motor-vehicle stop, School House Road; 4:59 motor-vehicle stop, Main Street at Lowell Road; 5:43 bank alarm, Main Street; 6:20 burglar alarm (no action required), Hubbard Lane; 6:40 motor-vehicle complaint, Boston Road; 6:44 safety hazard, Boston Road; 9:07 disabled motor vehicle, Boston Road; 9:13 citizen assist, Old Orchard Street; 9:47 suspicious activity, Whitman Road.


A.M. 1:04 motor-vehicle stop, citation/warning issued, Boston Road; 6:52 motor-vehicle crash, no injury, Main Street; 8:21 suspicious activity, Whiley Road; 8:29 motor-vehicle stop, verbal warning, Boston Road at Old Lantern Lane; 11:31 motor-vehicle accident, without injury, Main Street.

P.M. 2:01 motor-vehicle stop, verbal warning, Old Dunstable Road at Bridge Street; 2:31 medical emergency, Lowell Road; 2:47 Internet crime; 3L53 annoying phone calls, Blossom lane; 4:29 motor-vehicle stop, verbal warning, West Main Street; 4:36 motor-vehicle stop, West Main Street; 7:36 medical emergency, Hillside Av.,; 8:27 citizen assist, Townsend Road; 8:19 fire/gas leak, Powderhouse Road; 9:55 motor-vehicle stop, verbal warning, Main Street at Powderhouse Road; 10:08 motor-vehicle stop, verbal warning, Old Ayer Road at Peabody Street; 11:51 motor-vehicle stop, Boston Road at Forge Village Road, Arrest: John J. Berrio Jr., 38 West 5th Street, Apt. 2, Lowell, Charges: operating motor-vehicle with suspended or revoked license ad speeding in violation of a special regulation.


A.M. 6:02 motor-vehicle stop, citation/warning issued, Main Street; 7:20 disabled motor vehicle, Boston Road; 7:42 vehicle lockout, Main Street; 8:21 safety hazard, Farmers Row at Culver Road; 8:47 citizen assist, Chicopee Row; 10:54 burglar alarm, Robin Hill Road; 11:43 burglar alarm, Nicole Lane; 11:58 safety hazard, Main Street.

P.M. 12:50 medical emergency, Pleasant Street; 1:01 safety hazard, Chicopee Row; 1:06 citizen assist, Pleasant Street; 1:56 animal hit by motor vehicle, Old Ayer Road; 2:11 safety hazard, Main Street; 4:30 motor-vehicle stop, Townsend Road; 6:32 burglar alarm, Main Street; 6:07 suspicious activity, Wharton Row; 6:42 animal hit by motor-vehicle, Farmers Row; 6:53 sudden death, Main Street; 7:46 animal hit by motor vehicle, Farmers Row; 9:33 motor-vehicle stop, verbal warning, Main at Court streets; 10:04 motor-vehicle stop, verbal warning, main at Court streets.