Have you seen the Town Forest since the one-year logging contract ended and the job is apparently complete? It's a mess.

The former two fire roads are nearly impossible to distinguish and even harder to traverse. There are numerous new rutted sections than can easily hold water and will make great spots for mosquitoes to breed in the spring. Of course, the former TOP trails laid out by the Conservation Commission have been totally obliterated.

The abandoned junk tires near what was the northern boundary fire road are all still there (I had the impression they were to be removed and suitably disposed of by the contractor).

Does the contractor or the town have any plan to return in the spring to properly finish the job? I'd be willing to help, but this needs much more than wheelbarrows, rakes and pruners.

Whereas I would use the Town Forest regularly in the past, either for hiking or mountain-biking, now I have no choice but to avoid it altogether.

It is a shame that the town of Pepperell could allow this to happen.