An article last week reported that due to declining enrollment, the schools would be losing $5,000 far each student lost. In reality, that figure would only apply to school choice students who are not residents of Harvard. School officials say that due to expected increases in Devens students over the next few years, there is no plan to increase the number of school choice students. In fact, with 12 choice students expected to graduate from Bromfield School this year, the School Committee has voted to replace only six. If a reduction in the number of classes in the K-5 grades proves necessary, it will happen due to declining enrollment and not lack of funds. Finally, the proposed school budget for 2015 cited in the article was low because it did not include the results of ongoing negotiations with labor unions. The addition of a Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) is expected to boost that bottom line significantly more than a drop of 1 percent.