This holiday season, PACH Outreach would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all those who believe a community is stronger when it comes together to take care of its members. Thank you to everyone who supported PACH and its mission of providing short-term assistance to residents during difficult times.

* Thanks to the businesses for their donations of cash, food, or services during the year

* Thanks to the members of Pepperell's faith community for volunteering, donating or referring families to PACH when they needed a helping hand

* Thanks to the students, faculty and administrators of North Middlesex Regional School District for their food drives, wonderful fresh vegetables and constant logistical support

* Thank you to the Boy and Girl Scout troops, leaders and parents.

* Thanks to all the civic organizations who showed support in countless ways

* Thanks to the Lowell Sun and Pepperell Free Press for giving PACH a wider publicity platform and to all for helping "get the word out."

Finally, last but by no means least, a huge, huge thank you to all the PACH volunteers without whom there would be no food pantry, no advocacy program, no PACH at all.

Thank you and happy holidays!